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Hepatitis (58)

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The liver gets infected with hepatitis. Swelling resulting from inflammation occurs when bodily tissues are harmed or infected. It might harm your liver. The degree of liver injury may have an impact on its performance. short-term and long-term hepatitis are two types of liver infections. Some hepatitis types only result in acute infections. Different kinds of hepatitis may result in both these acute and recurring liver infections.

Treatment is determined by the hepatitis kind. Antiviral medications are prescribed to cure viral hepatitis. There are several categories of hepatitis such as Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C, Alcohol-related hepatitis, Autoimmune hepatitis, Hepatitis D, Hepatitis A, and Hepatitis E. 

Treatment is determined by the hepatitis kind. Antiviral hepatitis medications can be used to treat viral hepatitis.

1. Hepatitis B

Frequently, the condition gets better on its own. Chronic conditions may need treatment and can even need a liver transplant.

2. Hepatitis C

Antiviral drugs are used to treat hepatitis C. Some people can get rid of the virus with modern medications.

3. Alcohol-related hepatitis

Treatment entails nutrition counseling, alcohol abstinence, and hydration. Drugs with steroids may assist to lessen liver inflammation.

4. Autoimmune hepatitis

It is frequently under control with immune system-suppressing medications when treated early. Rarely, a liver transplant can be necessary.

5. Hepatitis D

Though several regimens might be tried, there aren't many medications, especially for hepatitis D. Supportive care is a key component of management.

6. Hepatitis A

In one or two months, the condition improves on its own. Rest and sufficient hydration are beneficial.

7. Hepatitis E

Usually, hepatitis E goes away on its own in between four and six weeks. The main goals of treatment are rest, rehydration, and supportive care.

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