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The cancerous disease can be effectively treated with anticancer medication. and, a variety of medications that do not belong to such classes yet have anticancer action and are utilized to treat cancer diseases. The choice of which anti cancer medicine to take is influenced by a variety of variables, such as the type and location of cancer, its intensity, whether surgeries or radiation therapy is to be performed, and the side effects of the medication. However, certain anticancer medications can be taken orally, while others can be injected directly into a vein or intrathecally. The majority of anticancer medications are provided through the spinal cord.

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The selectivity of anticancer medications is crucial in lowering the severity of the adverse effects connected to their use. Along with hair loss, mouth sores and ulcers on other mucous membranes, cardiac abnormalities, bone marrow toxicity, and extreme nausea and vomiting are some of these adverse effects. Anaemia and a lowered ability to resist infectious pathogens are both side effects of bone marrow toxicities. Infertility that is permanent may also occur. To make the medication more acceptable for the patient, the dosage may need to be decreased or the medication routine altered.

Rarely, chronic usage of anticancer medications can cause the emergence of secondary malignancies. The degree to which an anticancer drug is carcinogenic depends on the type of agent, the initial cancer it is used to treat, and the total cumulative dose delivered. Multiple agents can be used to decrease the side effects of anticancer medications, which frequently allows for the administration of lower doses of each medication. Utilizing a variety of medications may help lessen the likelihood of cellular resistance.

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